Choose The Best Offshore Center for Your .Net Development Project

A web application serves a lot of purpose to an enterprise, especially given such tumultuous and competitive times. It serves as an easy gateway to the clients and with the range of features and functionalities helps the organization to explore the hidden vistas for business. Outsourcing the task of .Net development is nothing new for a lot of businesses. It allows them to concentrate on the core functionalities of their business, while an offshore, technically well equipped and state of the art development center takes charge of the soundness and robustness of the application.
But before we go ahead with the outsourcing the projects, there are several check points which we must ensure are in place with the company providing outsourcing services. Please continue reading to understand what you need to check before the outsourcing your project:

Take a toll about the reputation of the offshore development center – it is important for you to consider the reputation of the development center in the industry. If you decide to outsource your work through various popular portals like Elance or Freelancer etc, you would easily know what all organizations enjoy a health reputation. In addition to that, you may ask your colleagues for references, you may go through the testimonials these outsourcing centers have published over their website, perhaps ask for references that you may contact and consequently bridge the gap between you and the .NET MVC3 Development center of your choice.

Go with the company following stringent and high quality standards – the quality of the web applications matter a lot. In the long run, it is the quality and not particularly the costs involved, which would render long lasting success to the business. Thus, at the pretext of low costs, please do not compromise the quality of your projects. Various certificates and accreditations represent the quality of the development centers. You may want to opt for a development company which is NASCOM certified and perhaps fairs quite well on the CMM levels. Also, again factor in the reputation of the company and rationalize whether the company is right for you or not.

The skill set of the developers – The technical world today has grown to become rather close knitted and dense. It is important that the development center is not stagnant by concentrating on just one platform, but is adequately trained and has the wherewithal to handle various popular technologies for web applications development, namely Dot Net, Java and PHP etc. Owing to this, the offshore center will be able to provide the best and bespoke customization services and include the best features of the technology available, in order to augment the scope and functionalities of the project.

The cost considerations – one of the basic reasons to opt for .Net Development Outsourcing is the availability of highly skilled and trained resources, at significantly reduced prices. However, we have to be really sure while factoring the cost into the equation. After spending a good over 10 years in the industry, we have seen that the best practice is to avoid the development centers which are both, highly or very lowly priced. Often, it is the moderately and reasonably priced development center which is able to cater to the expansive needs and deliver high quality applications.

Lastly, it is important to consider various other factors like the readiness to sign a Non Disclosure that would grant you the proprietary and the intellectual ownership rights to the application and effective communication and quick turnaround time etc. 


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