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Not Just Websites, Now is the Time of Intuitive Web Applications

We all know the concept of saturation, be it science or marketing it is  applicable everywhere. Likewise, when it comes to web business, we know that the business conversion coming from websites are now at a saturation level. Therefore, to boost a business we no longer simply need websites, but we now require intuitive web apps that have a high engagement quotient and have the capability to fetch more business as compared to regular websites. 
As web development is blossoming so much, we have a lot of people who are coming up with numerous ideas for developing a highly intuitive web application that offers alluring features that also include range integrated database? 
There is no gainsay that we have ample of ideas for developing top-notch projects but now the question arises is which technology can help to develop their projects. 
If you are keeping a tally then you will realize that most of the experienced developers will suggest PHP as one the most emergent technology which is widely …