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Integrating A Business Website For Mobile Phones With ASP.NET

The mobile technology is evolving at a lightning speed and has taken the world by storm. The traditional desktop applications and web technologies have been left far behind with the inception of smartphones. Yet, there are some essential technologies that have a strong impact and usage in migrating the big screen websites to the small screen mobile platform.

Website owners, who have sites available for desktops are awe-inspired with the potential of mobile market. This is where .NET development comes into play. Eventually, the need of the hour becomes getting the current big-screen website on a compact screen of smartphones. The answer to this lies with the .NET technology. The developers can utilize this open source framework and initiate the development.

It is assumed that with a few alterations, the controller used for the big screen can work with the small screen version as well. Moreover, the functions of the small screen device users are the same as those using big screen devic…

Here's What No One Tells You About ASP.Net Web Hosting

Once your website is up and running, you would want everyone else to see it. For this, you need a premium web hosting service that can give you the best service for the website. The best host will ensure that you are always connected and there is enough space on the web.
Based on the .Net web development requirements, a website owner can choose a shared, dedicated or virtual web hosting service. There are various types of web hosting services available to choose from. These include the free ones as well as paid hosting services. But, it is important to note that services that come with a greater price tag aren’t always the best ones.

There are few factors to consider before getting along with any hosting service. These are mentioned below :
If you are planning to make a website for your friends or family, bandwidth is not an important factor. However, the scenario changes completely when it is a business website that has to reach the masses. If the traffic on your website is…