Why Developing Web Applications Require ASP.NET?

Asp .Net MVC Development is the latest in-thing in the world of web applications development. The demand for this particular deployment environment seems all pervasive and ever increasing. Below, we have pointed out a few of the most important and resourceful features of this particular development environment, which should be considered prior to opting for a web application development process. Please read ahead to know more.
  1. Superlatively simple deployment environment - The deployment environment is quite easy to understand and rapid to work with. Installing the entire application is as simple as copying it to various servers, without even having to register as users, simply because the configuration settings are rather wrapped up in an XML file, within the said application. As a result, a lot of time is saved, which otherwise would have been invested in doing all the aforementioned activities, allowing the developers to use the free time in their own stride.
  1. Application development made easy - The applications development process is further augmented owing to the MVC model, which allows the developers to do complete justice to the project, without generating so many codes. This allows for quickly and quite simply developing scalable and extremely safe web applications. Owing to the HTML support, it is much simpler to write various pages. The .Net centered MVC framework is quite light weighing with regards to various other ASP .Net web forms and also offers much improved protection, easy testing and integration with various other available features of .Net features.
  1. Support for various programming languages - If a language is compatible with CLS, which includes an exhaustive list of over 25 languages, it is supported by ASP .Net. Also, it comes with inbuilt support for J#, VB .Net, and C#. Thus, a developer can now just relax about the programming language, and concentrate on the development, without having to learn a new programming language for this very deployment environment. With the help of .Net Development Services by xicom technologies, developers can code the backend with a wide category of languages without compromising even an iota of the quality. The .Net MVC development is pretty simple and the framework is really easy to get acquainted with, even for those novice developers, who hardly have had much of an experience with coding before.
  1. Much improved performance - An edge that ASP .Net has over its various other script based counterparts, is the option of automatic compiling of the code generated at server side, to the DLL files on various web servers. The performance of ASP .Net development services is further improved owing to various advantages like JIT compilation, automatic memory management and optimization of the resources, profiling at runtime and exception handling, along with early binding and much improved caching.
And endnote
It was not in the scope of this article to ponder on each and every application of ASP .Net Development, since the features and benefits are quite diverse. However, we would like to touch up on various other benefits like clean coding structures and code maintenance, extension to app functionality, on the fly updates, full support for TDD, and support for mobile devices and a lot more. Hire .Net Developer and benefit from reduced pricings, efficient development and follow up client services. 


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